Ruddy Nora Story

Ruddy Nora is a Great British brand born from a passion and obsession with independent designer based art, gifts and clothing. After successfully setting up and growing an independent Christmas Jumper brand since 2009, the co-founders of 'Cheesy Christmas Jumpers' decided to follow another dream in 2012 and launched Ruddy Nora.
We launched Ruddy Nora in July 2012 and plan to build the brand over time, gaining a reputation for great quality garments, limited edition art, homewares, great customers service and wonderful independent designed gifts.
Based in West Yorkshire, UK we sell art and gifts all over the world including: UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Why the name Ruddy Nora?

The name Ruddy Nora comes from our love for British culture. After coming up with many different names, the Ruddy Nora name was spotted in the background of one of our 1st t-shirt design 'Stormin' Norma' and it just seemed to fit our brand. The meaning of Ruddy Nora! is an exclamation of anger or surprise. Cf. 'flaming-Nora!' A famous British slang word used by mainly the upper classes when swearing is not appropriate.

Rourke Van Dal

One of our exclusive artists at Ruddy Nora is British urban artist Rourke Van Dal. We offer various exclusive designs and collections by Rourke and are very proud to have one of the UK's finest artists as part of Ruddy Nora. We produce the Rourke Van Dal collections to limited edition worldwide runs. For more information on urban artist Rouke Van Dal, please take a look at his website